Articles and Reviews

JUDIT REIGL AND THE CASE OF THE HAPTIC VERSUS THE OPTICAL. The original text , published in an abreviated version under the title "Judit Reigl's Corporeal Presence" by Hyperallergic Weekend. Unpublished

PIERRE LOUAVER: "ARRET SUR IMAGE", OR ABSTRACT PAINTING AS FREEZE FRAME. Essay on Louaver's (Brest, France, 1955 - Berlin, Germany, 2019) work, April 2020. Unpublished.

PAINTING THE BODY AS AN ISLAND: Review of Zilia Sanchez' survey at the Museo del Barrio, New York, Nov. 2019 to March 2020. Unpublished

UT PICTURA POESIS: Review of Denis Castellas' exhibition at Ceysson-Benetiere Gallery, NY, 12/11/2019-01/18/2020. Unpublished.

ELIZABETH MURRAY, les annees 80, review of a survey at Pace Gallery, NY, 11/02/2017-01/13/2018, in French, unpublished

PICTURES OF PAINTINGS (OF)...Review of Richard van der Aa's exhibition at 57W57Arts, 3/03/2017-4/14/2017. Unpublished

Interview with French abstract painter Joel Barbedette, December 2012. Unpublished.

Text of an interview published in Artpress Magazine in April 2010, with painter and critic Joe Fyfe about "Le tableau", an exhibition he curated at the Cheim and Read Gallery, New York, in the summer of 2009.

Introduction to the catalogue of an exhibition of Herve Kerlidou's work, Musee des Beaux Arts de Tourcoing, France, October 2011-January 2012